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Hack Counterpoint & Write Unique Vocal Harmonies

Today on the Hack Music Theory show, we're super excited to reveal the conclusion video for our "Lines Through Lands" example song, which we've been teaching in our 3-Minute Theory series.

In this video, you'll learn how to…

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6 Hacks for Better Vocals (Lyrics & Melodies)

Be sure to hold on to your seat for today's Hack Music Theory show, cos it's an intense ride! In four wild minutes you'll learn our six hacks for better vocals, which Kate then beautifully demonstrates in our song…

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Dial A Bass Line (Give Writer's Block the Finger)

Last week we launched our new YouTube series Give Writer's Block the Finger, and since then we’ve been receiving the most heartwarming messages from people all over the world who’ve had Writer’s Block for months, even years, and…

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How to Write a Great Melody: Development & Variation

In every melody, there's another melody hiding, just waiting to be found and freed! So, today on the Hack Music Theory show, you'll learn Ray's songwriting hack for developing and varying melodies. Whether you're writing a vocal melody…

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Funk up Your Songs with Slap Bass

There ain't nothin' funkier than a bit of slap bass, so this week on the Hack Music Theory show, Ray reveals how to hack this technique and turn your songs into dancefloor fillers. But first... tea!


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