Frustrated with your unfinished music? Well, your dream of effortlessly finishing songs can become your reality with Ray's song-whispering method, exclusively taught in these online courses!


Apprenticeship #2
  • Apprenticeship #2
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  • At 35 hours, this is the mother of all songwriting and producing courses! Apprenticeship #1 is a prerequisite, unless you are an accomplished composer.
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“Whatever genre you're into, if you struggle to finish music, this apprenticeship is for you! You'll learn my secret song-whispering method that enables you to make new sections, transition between them, and complete your songs.”
Ray Harmony (Teacher)

Song-whispering may be the single greatest concept ever! You have no idea how much it has freed me up from self-judgement and self-limitation in music, and in life.”
Glynne Owen (Apprentice)
Song-whispering is a learnable thing, officially! I have dreamt for years about having this much control and awareness in my songwriting.
Mark Rose (Apprentice)


  • Join 1,000+ apprentices from 60+ countries, who are all learning Ray's ultimate hack: Song-Whispering (100% exclusive to our apprenticeship!)
  • Ray's Secret Art of Song-Whispering will empower you to effortlessly finish your songs, resulting in the surreal sensation that your music is writing itself!
  • Rare, one-of-a-kind opportunity to watch unedited footage of a master songwriter creating a whole song, and teaching all the theory he uses in every step
  • Topics include: how to write a new section for an existing section, how to transition between sections, how to structure and arrange (for more topics, see Episodes below)
  • Both courses contain: many hours of video with exclusive hacks, multitrack MIDI file, Hack Music Theory (Part 1) eBook, Songwriting & Producing PDF
  • Level: Apprenticeship #1 is for beginner to intermediate songwriters/producers, while Apprenticeship #2 is for advanced songwriters/producers
  • The learning platform is multi-device friendly, so you can keep these exclusive hacks in your pocket, and do our course on the move
  • There is no deadline, so you can learn stress-free at your own pace, and your one-time payment buys you permanent access to the course
  • Gain access* to our Apprentice Network, a private social network for apprentices only, with a free app for iOS/Android (for more, see Network below)
  • Get your hands on Ray's secrets now, and transform yourself into a confident & creative music maker overnight, well... if you binge-watch ;)

Ready to finish your songs?

Apprenticeship #2
  • Apprenticeship #2
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  • At 35 hours, this is the mother of all songwriting and producing courses! Apprenticeship #1 is a prerequisite, unless you are an accomplished composer.
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#1 Episodes (17 hours)

  1. Introduction, overview, how your music can write itself, etc.
  2. Conceptualizing, starting a song, vocal hook, etc. (Chorus)
  3. Counterpoint vocal harmony, scratch vocals, etc. (Chorus)
  4. Bass line, counterpoint, tension & resolution, etc. (Chorus)
  5. Drum beat, bass line, keyboard harmonies, etc. (Chorus)
  6. Song-whispering, transitioning, new section, etc. (Verse)
  7. Lead & backing vocal melodies, variations, etc. (Verse)
  8. Bass line, drum beat, vocal counterpoint, etc. (Verse)
  9. New section, transitioning, structuring, etc. (Pre-Chorus)
  10. Another new section, ways to modulate, etc. (Post-Chous)
  11. Another new section, polymeter, transitions, etc. (Bridge)
  12. Bass line, non-diatonic notes, vocal melodies, etc. (Bridge)
  13. Structuring, arranging, energy, instruments, finishing, etc.
  14. Lyrics, how to fit lyrics to melodies, recording vocals, etc.

#2 Episodes (35 hours)

  1. Introduction, conceptualizing, song-whispering, instruments, etc.
  2. Polymeter, rhythm for vocal lines, bass line, drum beat, etc. (Verse)
  3. Asking your song, realistic drum beat & fill, pick a mode, etc. (Verse)
  4. Song-screaming, finish bass, start counterpoint vocals, etc. (Verse)
  5. Game-changing polymeter hack, Phrygian counterpoint, etc. (Verse)
  6. Two chord progressions for two melodies in two modes, etc. (Verse)
  7. New section, octatonic scale, odd time signature, bass line, etc. (Pre)
  8. Transitioning, scales hiding in scales, counterpoint, drums, etc. (Pre)
  9. Chords, seamless chordal transitioning, melodic variations, etc. (Pre)
  10. One hack for any & all modulations, sketching transitions, etc. (Pre)
  11. Growing songs organically, writing with no scale/mode, etc. (Chorus)
  12. Your song’s wants vs. needs, temporary modulations, etc. (Chorus)
  13. Melodic variations but without changing notes, drums, etc. (Chorus)
  14. Sounds like a song, structuring, counterpoint to chords, etc. (Chorus)
  15. “Holy Trinity” of music, arranging, where/how to bridge, etc. (Bridge)
  16. Broaden your music’s horizons, 12 tone method, big riff, etc. (Bridge)
  17. Lead melody over note-row bass line, explosive drums, etc. (Bridge)
  18. Making a note-row sound like a key, 4-part harmony, etc. (Bridge)
  19. Melody like no other, 3-part counterpoint like no other, etc. (Bridge)
  20. Harmonizing a melody with something totally different, etc. (Bridge)
  21. Varying to create the evolution of a melody, transition, etc. (Bridge)
  22. Irrational time signature, big finale, finishing the song, etc. (Ending)
  23. Make or break, structuring & arranging for maximum retention, etc.
  24. Arranging rhythm section (bass & drums), flow, energy curve, etc.
  25. Final structure, arrange all the other instruments, signing off, etc.


Gain access* to our exclusive Apprentice Network, a space to:

  • Connect with your fellow apprentices
  • Ask your classmates theory questions
  • Share your new music with each other
  • Get feedback from around the world
  • Collaborate with like-minded people


"I really enjoy the interactions in the Network. Apprentices share their works-in-progress often, and have the right attitude: they're open-minded, positive, helpful, and some are very funny too. It's like a family but without the drama!"
–François Lalonde (Montréal, Canada)