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Melody Range Rule (PDF)
  • Melody Range Rule (PDF)
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  • Learn our 4-step method for creating the ideal ranges for your melodies
  • 4-page neatly structured step-by-step PDF guide, with MIDI screenshots
  • Multitrack MIDI file, allowing you to access all the tracks in our example
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Hack Music Theory, Part 1 (Book)
  • Hack Music Theory, Part 1 (Book)
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Understanding theory is easy with this book! Drawing on over 20 years of teaching experience combined with his world-renowned methods of explaining, Ray breaks down theory into its simplest form via a series of easy hacks, deep insights, and bad jokes! Download includes PDF, EPUB & MOBI for all eReaders.

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Songwriting & Producing (PDF)
  • Songwriting & Producing (PDF)
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No. 1 bestseller! All essential songwriting & producing hacks, with MIDI examples. Topics include: lead melodies, counter melodies, bass lines, chord progressions, riffs, modes, key signatures, transitions, etc. PDF also contains our world-famous Melody Checklist. If you're a beginner, first read Hack Music Theory, Part 1.

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Songwriting & Producing (Course)
  • Songwriting & Producing (Course)
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Prefer watching to reading? In 12 step-by-step videos (56 mins), you'll learn how to make music with all layers working together. You'll also learn our essential hacks for melodies, chords, bass, drums & more! You don't need to play an instrument, you only need a digital audio workstation. Includes Songwriting & Producing PDF.

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Hack Drum Beats (PDF)
  • Hack Drum Beats (PDF)
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Everything you need to know for making beats in one PDF. Learn how to write for each element of the drum kit (kick, snare, toms, cymbals), based on its function in a beat. You'll also learn our game-changing Kick Drum Rule, which is guaranteed to make your beats stand out! Download includes MIDI and WAV examples.

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“The most brilliant, fast, easy, and fun music theory book I’ve ever seen!”
DEREK SIVERS, CD Baby founder, TED speaker, musician, author of Anything You Want

“Ray has a totally unique approach of hacking music theory, which gives you the essentials in a fraction of the time.”

–VESPERS, Warp Academy founder, music producer

“It’s educational and it’s entertaining. Who could ask for more? Ray, the brilliant tattooed man, knows his onions!”
NEIL COWLEY, composer, pianist, session player on Adele's album 21 (most notably Rolling in the Deep)

“This is the kind of book I wish I had when I first started out.”
IHSAHN, Emperor

“Trust Ray, and in no time you’ll have a watertight music theory skillset you once thought impossible to obtain.”
PAT LUNDY, Modestep

“Ray manages to make learning music theory fascinating, digestible, and damn right cool!”

“Hack Music Theory should be used in every school that teaches music theory – bar none.”
MARK MYNETT, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Music Technology & Production at the University Of Huddersfield UK, author of Metal Music Manual

“If you have been put off music theory in the past, then this is the book to inspire and empower you.”
VICTORIA WILLIAMSON, PhD, Vice Chancellor’s Fellow Researcher & Lecturer in Music at the University of Sheffield UK, author of You Are the Music



Our hacks are so useful, you'll wanna tattoo them!


“The most useful bit of music theory I've ever learned!”
–STEFAN, former student who tattooed a hack* on his arm
*Ray's world-famous "Key Signature Killing Machine" hack, available in the Songwriting & Producing PDF