Write HEAVY Bass Lines Using the Harmonic Minor Scale

Today on 3-Minute Theory: How to write HEAVY bass lines using the harmonic minor scale.

Check out this Hack Music Theory video/podcast if you're wanting to go heavier with your bass lines, and the natural minor scale (AKA Aeolian mode) just isn't giving you enough.

The harmonic minor scale is incredibly special (and ideal for heavy music!), because it has a rare three semitone interval between its sixth and seventh notes, which creates a huge amount of dissonance and tension, and therefore heaviness!

Lastly, you can download the multitrack MIDI file from the example in this video/podcast, if you want to access all the notes and have a play around.

Hope you dig, and if you want more theory hacks, please download my Hack Music Theory for Songwriting & Producing PDF. Until next time, happy songwriting!

Ray Harmony
Music Teacher
Victoria BC, Canada