How to Make Better Dance Beats 



How to Make Better Dance Beats


In this lesson you'll learn how to improve your four-on-the-floor drum beats. But first… Tea!

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Alright, so our tempo is 120 BPM, and here’s an example of a basic four-on-the-floor beat. Maybe your drums are currently sounding something like this? (click play above)



That’s a solid foundation for your song, but it’s gonna get boring real quick. So, here’s a hack that will spice up your four-on-the-floor drums, without compromising that dancey feel we love about this beat!



So, change your grid to 1/16 note triplets, and add a few hits on the toms. Toms are great, because they add groove but don’t interfere with that vital kick pattern. You can also add a 1/16 note triplet on the snare, but be super careful with adding extra snare hits, as they can mess up that dancey feel.

Hope you found this hack helpful, and if you did, then check out our Drum PDFs.


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