Harmonic Rhythm for Better Bass Lines 



Harmonic Rhythm for Better Bass


Learn how to write better bass lines by improving your harmonic rhythm!


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Alright, so we’re in the key of D minor, and here’s an example that represents a lot of bass lines these days. Maybe your bass is currently sounding something like this?



That’s a solid starting place for your bass line, but changing notes on the main beats only is gonna get boring real quick. So, here’s a hack that will spice up your bass lines, without losing that simplicity!



This bass line is outlining a chord progression, by playing each chord’s root note. Where the chords change is known as the harmonic rhythm. By making a more interesting harmonic rhythm, you get a better bass line. So, instead of changing chords on the main beats only, move some changes to before or after the main beats. This will add an element of surprise, which will grab your listeners’ attention.


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