Meshuggah Hack for Better Djent Riffs 



Meshuggah Hack for Better Djent Riffs


In this lesson you'll learn how to improve your Djent riffs using a hack from Meshuggah "I Am That Thirst", which is off their new album "Immutable". But first… Tea!


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Is your djent riff currently sounding something like this? (click play above)



One of the most common faults in djent is that all the emphasis is placed on writing a crazy rhythm, but then that rhythm is often played on one note. How disappointing! So, here’s a hack from the new Meshuggah single to fix this fault.



Meshuggah use arguably the most djenty scale: the octatonic. This 8-note scale is made by repeating the pattern of one semitone followed by one whole tone. So, instead of djenting your riff away on only one note, add a melodic run into it using the octatonic scale. That way you’ll have a crazy rhythm and a crazy melody! 



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