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How to Program Interesting 4/4 Drums

Today on 3-Minute Theory: How to program interesting 4/4 drums.

Watch this Hack Music Theory lesson to learn why 4/4 is the most common time signature, why it is predictable, and how you can hack it to…

5-Step Hack for Programming Creative Drums

Today on 3-Minute Theory: How to write unique drum patterns using the rhythm of the bass.

Check out this Hack Music Theory video/podcast if you want to learn how to program unique drums that stand out from…

Programming Unique Drums Using a Polymeter (5/16 over 4/4)

Today on 3-Minute Theory: How to make unique drum patterns that stand out from the crowd.

Check out this Hack Music Theory video/podcast if you're tired of boring drums and want to learn how to program interesting patterns instead…